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A Taste of

Things to Come


It's the 1950's. The beginning of rock 'n' roll.  Ronald Reagan is a model for Lifebuoy Soap. Rock Hudson is on the cover of LIFE magazine as "The World's Most Eligible Bachelor."  Smack dab in the middle of America, in Winnetka, Illinois, four women enter a Betty  Crockercooking contest in the hopes of changing their lives.  What they get is way more than they bargained for. 

Something's Burning
Blessing in Disguise


Photo by Carol Rosegg

The New York Times

"Breezy...Four fabulous voices delivering the catchy songs.  Floats along on a wave of silliness! The energetic performances are something to savor, and so are the harmonies.  Finding four good singers isn't hard...Finding four whose voices blend as well as the ones here is!"

Woman Around Town

"Superb...Take your mother, your daughters, your nieces, your friends!  Zesty and engaging...Directed with imagination and skill!"

Says Me, Says Mom

"Very entertaining...Full of Life! The story of friendship, of secrets and the story of bonds that can never be broken.  A fabulous fun time from beginning to end!"


"Empowering! An honest, heartfelt look at surviving when the values you held dear are torn apart in favor of new ones.  A flavorsome score of tunes that expertly shift in style with the times...Bubblegum pop and doo-wop give way to a more psychedelic
sound, with smart, witty lyrics throughout.  It's a message that should never be forgotten!"

Times Square Chronicles

"Catchy and fun...Will hit the audience like a bulls-eye!  The cast is superb; these girls represent the best of New York!"


“Whipped cream fixes everything” ~ Dottie O`Farrell, A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME
Bucks County Playhouse’s world premiere of the sensational, savory new musical, A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME is superbly directed and choreographed by Lorin Latarro (Broadway’s new musical Waitress). An all-female cast, and band, bring a saucy, curvy zest to this all appealing comedy, but also some serious food for thought regarding sociopolitical changes spanning over a decade, from the effects of later 1940s, when men returned from war and women rejoined the traditional role of homemaker into the 1950′s, to the countercultural “swingin” 60s...Sprinkled with furiously funny lines, steeped in talent, and infused with courageous choreography by Lorin Latorro, A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME is boldly brilliant theatrical buffet with something for everyone!

Funny Business


To a Motley group of aspiring stand-up comics jockeying for a lineup spot, there’s no business like the ‘Funny Business’ in Hollye LevIn’s affectionate musical saluting the comedy club scene. The show proves a breezy mix of satirical songs and backstage antics centered on that familiar but serviceable device- the visiting talent scout whose presence drives the performers into a neurotic frenzy. The revolving door cast shrewdly draws from real life, local comics performing their own continually updated material, adding a spontaneous, unpredictable edge. For the comics, it’s a win-win proposition: when a joke works (which is most of the time), it’s a talent showcase: when one doesn’t, it adds to the pathos of the character.

Use a Good Laugh... -
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Polo Lounge -

A True Story


Thank God for Polo Lounge ‘A True Story’;  it is a wry, insightful, painfully funny musical play that has got to be heaven sent.

It is set in  The Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge, an infamous little watering hole filled with glamorous stars, wide eyed gawkers, desperate ‘would-bes’ and pathetic has –beens, the perfect breeding ground for 1001 stories, some funny, some sad, all wonderful.  Writer-composer, Hollye LevIn, an artist not to be taken lightly, has concocted an amazing and dizzying tale of Hollywood that works on many levels. So called, insiders, for instance are bound to recognize much of the dialogue and proceedings from personal experience, knowing all too well how true it all rings. Conversely, those outsiders who still conceive of Hollywood as tinsel town where dreams really do come true will laugh and cry at all the absurdities that occur on stage.  Little will they realize that this truth is stranger than fiction:  Everyone can take from Polo Lounge on their own level and it assuredly will be enjoyed by all.

Drive Me Crazy -
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Say I Knew You When -
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